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    Discover Cape Town’s city farms…

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city tour

Historical City Farm Tour

The story of Cape Town
Tour at Tyisa Nabanye on Erf 81

Township Food Gardens

Visit & support organic microfarmers
history walk

Chocolate. Make it!

Ethical chocolate, make and taste!
city tour oranjezicht

Biodynamic Wine Tour

Biodynamic farm & wine tasting

Historical City Farm Tour

Historical City Farm TourExplore Cape Town's original farms with the story of indigenous people, stormy voyages, the global slave trade, wild animals, gold and wars, interwoven by the fascinating thread of food and farming.


Biodynamic & Organic Wine

Organic Wine TourTour picturesque vineyards, meet the winemakers, and feast on nature's bounty, on our dreamy food and wine experience of Cape Town's best certified natural, organic and biodynamic wine farms.


Township Organic Farm Tour

Township Micro-farmersMeet township micro-farmers, who on tiny bits of wasteland, grow chemical-free, world class fresh fruit and veg. You can help plant or harvest organic veggies and a portion of each tour invests in the growth of their business.


Organic chocolate making and tasting tour

Organic Chocolate TourA heavenly tour for chocoholics who know the world is a better place, especially if its ethically sourced and organic! Make it, taste it, devour it in this organic chocolate fantasy tour! BOOK NOW 

Cape Town Food Forage Tour and Feast

Forage in Cape Town

Uncover the edible layers of Cape Town on a fynbos, forest or city foraging experience. Learn about the edible plants and weeds growing in the city and prepare a feast together with your foraged bounty. BOOK NOW 

Bee-keeping and bread making tour

Urban Bee-keeping Tour

Get dressed in bee-suits and experience the secret life of bees from an urban bee-keeper and honey maker, then witness the wonder of baking stone-ground bread fired in a clay oven. BOOK NOW 

About Food Route’s Cape Town Tours

Food Route's Organic Food and Urban Farm tours create inspiring experiences for people that are interested in natural and organic urban farming, and like to eat healthy food while enjoying an eco-friendly adventure in the city or out in nature!
 Each food tour is set against the backdrop of Cape Town's magnificent landscape and includes activities like eating locally grown natural and organic food, harvesting fresh fruit and veg, planting trees in community-gardens, visiting local markets, and learning how to grow food at home.
We are passionate about promoting the small industry of local farmers and food makers that provide naturally good food using methods that are not harmful to the natural environment or our health.

Food Route tours is an initiative of an official World Design Capital 2014 project called City of Eden which is working to transform Cape Town into an edible and equitable city. The tours are a step towards this vision because they connect people to Cape Town's small industry of ethical growers, urban farms and community food gardens who in turn share their knowledge and inspire people to make better eating and purchasing choices that benefit their health, their local economies and the environment.